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AQUATOP MaxFlow Circulation Pump W/ Suction Cup Mount


Create important current flow in aquariums gallons with the MaxFlow MCP Circulation Pump! Not only does this pump make your aquarium more visually appealing, the MCP improves the environment for your little creatures by providing constant water flow and stagnant-free water. Remarkably compact and energy efficient, the MaxFlow Circulation Pumps allow a wide, 360-degree range of motion. Now, you can easily adjust the angle of your pump to provide water flow where you never thought possible.



  • Creates important current flow for small and larger sized aquariums
  • High-flow impeller system
  • Articulating ball joint allows a wide, 360˚ range of motion
  • Includes secure suction cup mounting system
  • Compact, energy efficient design
  • For Fresh or Saltwater aquariums