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Sera Koi Royal Nature Mini


Staple food for the optimal development of Koi up to 12 cm (5 in.)

sera Koi Royal Nature Mini (2 mm/0.078 in.) is the staple food consisting of carefully processed granules without dyes and preservatives.

Valuable ingredients such as omega fatty acids and immune stimulating mannan oligosaccharides support the healthy development and disease resistance. 4% sustainably bred insect meal complete the carefully compiled ingredient list.

Due to its balanced carbohydrate vs. protein ratio it is very easily digestible and excellently suitable for a wholesome diet throughout the year. The requirements of the Koi are optimally fulfilled. The floating granules keep their shape particularly well and do not pollute the water.


Feeding Guide:
Feed once or twice daily through­out the year, only as much as the animals take up within a short time.
Guaranteed Analysis: